Descendants of Col. Thomas Waters
( Partial List )
Children & Grandchildren

I-------Philemon Waters " Ferry Phil" was born in February 1762 place unknown. He married 14 January 1789 to Ruth Llewellin and lived in Newberry County, South Carolina. He died 4 March 1818 and is buried in what is now Fellows Cemetery # 2. After his death Ruth married 2. Starling Baldaree.  The children of Ferry Phil and Ruth were:
1. Mary Waters born 22 October 1789. Died young.

2. Lydia Waters born 29 December 1790. She married Robert Boyce. She died 27 September 1830 in St. Augustine, Florida.

3. Sarah Waters born 12 March 1793. She married Daniel DeWalt.

4. Rosanna Waters born 23 October 1794. She died young.

5. Captain Philemon Waters, Jr born 12 March 1794. He married Elnora Clary Summers. He died 30 July 1844 in Brazo, Texas. His wife returned to South Carolina.

6. Thomas Waters born 12 March 1802. He married 1.  Mary Ann Grigsby 2. Mary Womack. He moved to Alabama.

7. Elvira Waters born 28 August 1804. She died young.

8. Harriet Waters born 4 November 1806. She married 1. John Herbert 2. Mr. Hawthorne.

9. Jonathan Waters born 1 December 1808. He was married 3 times. One of his spouses was Elizabeth Grigsby. He had no children. He died in Galveston, Texas.

10. Elizabeth Waters born 6 December 1812. She married Mr. Coleman.

II----- Thomas Waters born ca 1765- 1770. He married by 1790. His known children were:

       1. Philemon Waters born c 1790.He lived in Edgefield, SC in 1820, Union County, SC in 1830 and did not show in SC in 1840.

       2. Thomas Waters III born 1790 - 1800.

       3. Rosannah Waters--There is much circumstantial evidence that this Rosannah is a child of Thomas Waters, Jr. We are listing her and her children and research continues. Rosannah Waters was born 12 January 1801 in South Carolina. She married Samuel Franks c 1815, probably in Newberry , South Carolina. Rosannah died 14 June 1862 in Prescott, Nevada County, Arkansas. Her children were:

     1. Harriet Amanda Franks born 2 September 1817 in South Carolina and died 8 November 1853 in Coryell County, Texas. She married 1. John Gaynes  2. Bryant Austin, Jr. 

    2. David Richardson Franks born 8 August 1819 in Laurens County, South Carolina. He died 8 November 1853 in Coryell County, Texas. He married Tabitha Wood.

    3. Laura Franks born 6 October 1820 in South Carolina. She married William Dunbar.

    4. Lydia Waters Franks born 5 October 1822 in Jefferson County, Alabama. She died 15 November 1900 in Taylor County, Texas. She married Thomas Braxton Pollard.

    5. John Franks born 9 June 1824 in Jefferson County, Alabama. He died 11 December 1824 in Jefferson County, Alabama.

    6. James W. Franks born 18 September 1825 in Jefferson County, Alabama: died 13 August 1843 in Union Parish, Louisiana. 

    7. Mary Elizabeth Franks born 29 September 1827 in Jefferson County, Alabama. She died 18 August 1889 in Prescott, Nevada County, Arkansas. She married William Lodwich B. Bright. 

    8. Samuel Alford Franks born 4 December 1829 in Jefferson County, Alabama: died 31 October1845 in Union Parish, Louisiana..

    9. Nancy Franks born 11 October 1831 in Jefferson County, Alabama: died 20 February  1888 in Prescott, Arkansas.

  10. William C. Franks born 22 March 1833 in Jefferson County, Alabama; died 22 December 1860 in Hempstead County, Arkansas. He married Sarah E.  ???

  11. Mary Ann Charlotte Franks born 18 May 1835 in Jefferson County, Alabama; died  13 May 1928 in Prescott, Arkansas. She married Bassett Caleb Bright.

  12. Rosanna " Caroline" Franks born 25 March 1837 in Pontotoc County, Mississippi; died 25 July 1848 in Union Parish , Louisiana. 

  13. Lucy J. " Lecey" Franks born 23 February 1839 in Pontotoc County, Mississippi. She married William A. Bowden. 

  14. George Marcus L. " Tip" Franks born 25 June 1841 in Pontotoc County, Mississippi; died 21 October 1938 in Prescott, Arkansas.

  15. Richard H. " Dick" Franks born 1 July 1843 in Union Parish, Louisiana. He married Lucretia " Lucetty " Regan on 11 October 1860 in Hempstead County, Arkansas.

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            End of Rosannah Waters Franks Children.

4. Wilkes B. Waters born 1804 -1810. He married a Stoudemier girl. He died c 1841.

5. Beulah May Waters born 7/3/1803. She married Nathan Coppock and they moved to Ohio.Their children were:  1. John born 1824   2. Philemon born ca1827   3. Rosannah born 1828   4. Nathan   5. Isaac   6. Jacob.


6.  Son born after 1810.

There are probably more children and research continues.

III----- John Waters born c 1764. He married Catherine and in 1790 they lived in Newberry County. He died before 1800. Incomplete.

IV------ Elizabeth Waters born ca 1768 -70. She married Ralph Dodsworth. Ralph Dodsworth must have died for I could never find him again. Elizabeth likely married someone else and we don't know what name to look under.

V------David Waters born ca 1773. He married 1____?   2. Elizabeth Clary Elleson. David was a very prosperous man in Newberry County, South Carolina. On the night of 25 February 1819 he stayed in town until after dark. On his way home he was attacked and killed by one of his own slaves. His children were:

1. Rosannah Waters born 16 February 1799. She married 1. Dempsey Cothran on 19 February 1815 2. Samuel Caldwell.  Rosannah died at Cartersville, Georgia on 2 February 1862.  Her mother was the first wife of David Waters.

2. David M. Waters born 9 March 1813: died 28 July 1860. He married Sarah Tolen.

3. Mark Waters--died young.

4. Daniel Waters--died young.

5. Mary Ann Elizabeth Waters born 3 November 1819 in Newberry County, SC. She was born after her father's death. She married 1. James M. Davenport on 14 February 1833. She married 2.  Judge James Houston of Alabama on 29 January 1850.

VI------ Mark Waters born c 1783 in Newberry County, South Carolina. He was in Louisiana by 1810. Incomplete.

   VII---- Lydia Waters ??  Evidence points to Lydia being married to David Richardson. I have not been able to prove this yet, but research continues.